Multi-threads Form Log Manager

This simple C# application shows how you can create a visual log manager for multi-threading applications using a different window for each thread that you want to trace, so easily you will be able to see what is doing each thread.

The best point of this log manager is that you won’t need to add any extra logic in your multi-threading application to manage the corresponding windows of each thread. Simply, you only have to do something as easy like this:


public   void YourMethodInYourApplication()
     MultithreadsFormLogManager.Instace.WriteMessage(β€œmy message from this thread”);

Automatically, if this thread already has a windows, a new message will be added to it; in other way, a new windows will be created with this first message.

To test it, I have created a Multi-threading Ping application, which will lunch a thread for each ping request that you want to do. So, you will see on independents windows how each ping request is working:

In my case, I applied this tool to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It was very useful to test a multi-threading application which managed a organisation for each thread. So, I could see what was happening in each organisation.

You can download the code from

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