Your friend iisapp.vbs (VS Remote Debugging)

If you are going to do a remote debugging with Visual Studio, you will need to know exactly which processes you want to debug. In case you are working with some web application linked to IIS 6.0 (WS 2003), you should be careful and know its corresponding application pool.

Each application pool has one or more worker processes and they are unique to the application pool and are not shared across application pools. See the Web Garden section in the screenshot that follows:

Therefore, if you are going to debug your remote web application, you will need to attach to all the worker processes (w3wp.exe) from Visual Studio:

In the server side, you should see the connection:


However, if you have many application pools, to find out which are your needed w3wp.exe process will be a heavy task. Now you will need our useful script iisapp.vbs (~/System32/iisapp.vbs) that show us a summary of processes and application pools:


Note: Don’t forget to place the pdb files in assembly folder of the remote server !!

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