[CRM] CRM or XRM ??

What is CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a versatile business solution that we can easily tailor to your specific

business needs. As an inherent part of your business strategy Microsoft CRM exceeds the benefits of a sheer software solution and gives you an all-inclusive, 360 degree overview of your business.

The flexible platform of Microsoft CRM allows you to automate manual processes, increase efficiency and productivity and truly connect with your customers. Managing sales, marketing and customer service becomes infinitely easier and your return on investment will be visible quickly.

Because Microsoft CRM works from the familiar interface of Office Outlook, user-adoption and training are brought to a minimum.

What is xRM?

CRM manages customer relationships by offering a holistic view of customer information and the ability to track interactions with clients. However, businesses deal with a myriad of relationships that evolve around different entities besides customers.

The C for customer can therefore be replaced by X, creating: xRM. The X in this acronym stands for Anything. XRM is about managing relationships, transactions and processes involved with ANY entity. Not just customers. The objects or entities that needs to be managed can be patients, buildings, potential candidates for hire, grant applications or legislation; Anything that requires the mapping and tracking of business information, relationships, activities and processes.

Every business has specific needs, but developing a solution from scratch is risky and costly. XRM gives you the platform you can use to build future applications.

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