Summit EMEA 2018 Dublin memories

Time flies and it is already weeks since the Summit EMEA conference in Dublin last month. It was definitely a great event and I really enjoyed meeting the community and exchanging experiences.

Apart from the Quiz session I already mentioned in my previous post:

Summit EMEA 2018 Dublin - Quiz rules

I also had the opportunity to collaborate in other 2 presentations, which were fun. One of them was with Microsoft, where we talk about Dynamics and Digital Transformation happening at Investec. They found interesting some of the changes we are currently carrying out. Although it was challenging to be in such a big stage, I feel like it went well and I received some positive feedback.

Summit EMEA 2018 Dublin - Investec and Dynamics presentation

The other one was with my MVP colleagues and some great member of the Dynamics community to talk about integrations. This topic is always an endless one and it was funny to hear the stories from the panel as well as the audience.

Summit EMEA 2018 Dublin - Integration Panel

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