Updating multi-select option set attributes in workflows

In this article we will see how to update a multi-select option set attribute within a workflow using the community utility Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools SetMultiSelectOptionSet:

Set default values for a multi-select option set attribute

Before getting into the details, notice I have written another couple of articles to copy multi-select options attributes and get
multi-select options attributes in workflows

In our above example, the workflow “Opportunity – Set default Business Region” set the values “UK” and “Spain” for new opportunity records. This is a simple way to set the default value for multi-select option set attributes, which is one of the current limitations at the moment.

Business Regions values

This custom workflow activity requires the following input parameters:

  • Target Record URL: URL of the record to be updated.
  • Attribute Name: logical name of the attribute to be updated.
  • Attribute Values: option set values to be set. They should be separated by comma. In case you want to clear the values, just use an empty string like “”. See an example below.

Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools SetMultiSelectOptionSet input parameters

If you have found this utility helpful and you want to use it, you just need to install the latest version of Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools and add the SetMultiSelectOptionSet step into your workflow:

11 thoughts on “Updating multi-select option set attributes in workflows

  1. Hi, this is a great feature. Thank You! Is there any chance to get version that won’t clear existing values in multi-select option field?

    1. Yes, I have just updated the utility with a new parameter “Keep Existing Values” that allows to add new values without removing the current ones in the target record. Have a look at this article:


      Please notice this code needs to be merged now into the main solution:


      I’ve contacted @demianrasko to include my new change, I’ll update this post once it is ready.

      Happy 2019!

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