Microsoft Flow CDS connectors

Today you can find three Common Data Service (CDS) connectors in the Microsoft Flow platform (

Which one should I use?

Microsoft is making an amazing progress on this platform to add new features and improvements. This is probably the reason today we have those few options.

Number 3 is very easy to recognise because the name will include”experimental” in its label once you hover it:

However, the other two connectors names are the same: “Common Data Service”. One of them is the main current stable one and the other is a legacy one. The best way to understand which one is what is looking at their triggers and actions and compare them with the documentation:

If we look at number 1 (currently main stable), these are the operations available:

However, if we look at number 2 (legacy), the operations are different:

Hope this helps you to choose the right CDS connector 🙂

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