End of a journey, the beginning of a new one

Seven years ago, I received a gratifying email saying that I had been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable professional. That was definitely a great day. Since then, during the last seven year, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most talented professionals in the Microsoft industry, travel multiple times to Seattle, meet the Dynamics Product Team and create some invaluable new relationships with MVPs from all around the world.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, nothing is forever 😊. My MVP reward wasn’t renewed last week. However, like with everything in life, an end also means the beginning of something else. A moment to appreciate what we have enjoyed so far and a perfect time to consider new opportunities.

Thanks to Cristina Gonzalez, the Microsoft Dynamics Team and the Microsoft MVP Award Team for their support during all these years.

It was sharing my experience and learning from others what got me my initial nomination. I believe that is what keep us improving and how we get better. So that is what I’ll carry on doing!

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