TDG Global Hackathon

This month I took part for the first time in the Global Hackathon organised by the TDG community (@WeAreTDG). They have managed to create an international event where people from all around the world can participate and join the challenge.

During five hours, every team got together to propose and implement a solution that would help the education sector (schools, teachers, students, learning, etc). The actual final goal was to raise money for different charities.

Our team, the PowerArmadillos, built a solution to motivate students to work in groups (houses). Using a mobile app, teachers can score students for their positive achievements. These points are then added to their teams and displayed in a big classroom screen by other dashboard app. We used the Microsoft Power Platform and Azure to build the different components and store the data in CDS.

It was definitely a great event to try, I recommend it for next year. See below some memories from the day and also the video that we prepared for the competition with our solution.

PowerArmadillos Team
PowerArmadillos summary project video – Gryffinscore app

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