Admin operation enforcement

Microsoft carries on aligning their online platforms with the new licensing models. In the coming months, certain admin operations will no longer be available when tenant exceeds storage capacity entitlements.

Currently there are two different administration experience for provisioning new environments: the classic Dynamics 365 admin center and the new Power Platform admin center. This has caused a lot of confusion and Microsoft is working on the new admin center to have a single and simple administration experience.

Very soon all customers will be able to provision environments from Power Platform admin center. 1GB of available database capacity is a pre-requisite for being able to provision an environment.

When an organization’s storage capacity usage is greater than the capacity entitled or purchased via add-ons, the following admin operations will be blocked:

  • Create new environment (requires min 1 GB available capacity)
  • Copy an environment (begins in early June 2020)
  • Restore an environment (begins in early June 2020)

You can always clean-up storage, delete unwanted environments or buy more capacity to be compliant with storage usage.

Note: these news were published by the Microsoft 365 admin center. See

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