Actionable Power BI reports

Power BI is normally used to read and visualise data. However, you can go further than that and trigger actions to initiate other workflows. How powerful could this be?!

Let’s say we have a business scenario where we are analalysing the revenue of our customers. We have this inforamtion in our CRM system but we need to extract it to Power BI to allow our stakeholders to see it, filter it and understand it. The sales manager now wants to trigger some tasks based on certain companies that would satisfy the criteria that are filtered in Power BI. How can we do this? How can we make “actionable” our Power BI reports?

We can now build a straightforward solution for this requirement using the Power App visual in Power BI. I have built a simple example to demonstrate how this would work.

Power App visual

In this example, I have got a simple Power App with a button that will take the selected companies in the Power BI report and it will create a new task for each of them in CDS (e.g. our CRM).

The number of selected records is shown in the Power App

The Power App uses the data source “PowerBIIntegration” to fetch those companies selected in Power BI. This is a special component that is provided to the Power App when it is created or added as a visual in the Power BI report.

The key ingredient: PowerBIIntegration data source

Adding this Power App to the Power BI report is very easy, you just need to add the Power App visual and create or add your app. It will then allow you to choose the environment you would like to connect to and the attributes that you want to expose to the Power App.

Inserting Power App visual

Once the user click the button in the Power BI report, the tasks are created in CDS instantally:

In this other article from Microsoft you can find more information. Hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

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