Restore enviroment backup

The functionality to restore backups in Dynamics 365 CRM / Customer Engagement / Common Data Service has been there for a while now. Have you actually used it in a real project in production? 😢

This week we actually didn’t have a choice. We got an issue with a managed solution where neither we could apply an upgrade nor uninstall the upgrade solution. Microsoft is still investigating the issue, I’ll cover that in another post later.

The restore backup process actually worked pretty well. It brought back the exact manual copy we had taken before we started the import process. When I say exact, I mean including active workflows, SLA’s and any other “alive” component.

The environment was not very big, around 6GB. Because it was a production environment, you cannot just restore it. You need to first convert it to sandbox, restore the backup and then convert it again to production type (here more info). This obviously makes the process longer, so it took us in total around 50 minutes to have it ready.

So, if it happens to you, don’t be afraid of restoring a backup. Just make sure you take a manual one before your release πŸ˜‰

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