PL-400 Power Platform Developer

Before I started working with Dynamics CRM 3 and 4 back in 2008, I was a .NET developer. So working with plugins (“those Callouts in CRM 3.0″), custom workflow activities and client extensions (HTML, JavaScript) was relatively “familiar” for me. So that I decided to focus on my weakest part: what is the CRM application, how to configure it and how to install it (yes, there was certification for on-premise deployments 🀟).

With that focus in mind, I got my first certifications in the Dynamics space: MB2-631, MB2-632 and MB2-633. However, I didn’t try to get the MB2-634: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Extending Microsoft Dynamics.

Actually, years have passed since then and I haven’t tried any Dynamics development certification until this week. As part of the Power Platform, Microsoft have introduced the new “PL-…” certification series. Many things have changed with the Power Platform, so I have decided that this year would be a good moment to validate my knowledge and finally get my “CRM” development certification, PL-400: Microsoft Power Platform Developer πŸ˜„

The exam was actually “entertaining”. There were several “interesting” questions that I found complicated, I think they were missing some context to really understand the examiner’s perspective. There were some questions about pure Azure development, which also made it more fun πŸ€ͺ. There were around 60 questions and I used all the time that I was given. If you are planning to take it, my advice would be to answer first the questions you know and mark for review the ones that are not very clear, so you can check them at the end if you still have time. There was a case study whose description was pretty long, so I would read it quickly once and then read the questions as well. Knowing the questions helps you to target more quickly what you are looking for.

Looking at the Microsoft Certified journey, I now got the Microsoft Certified Power Platform Developer Associate:

Since I have decided that this year I’ll renew my “CRM” certifications, my next goal is going to be the PL-600: Power Platform Solution Architect πŸ™Œ

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