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[ASP.NET] A single assembly for the entire Web site

From Visual Studio 2008, we don’t have yet, by default, an option to compile a web site with all its assemblies in only one DLL. But you can do it installing

Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Projects. Read more about it here.

[ASP.NET] Error in DevExpress GridView / Page Control v8.2

This week I’ve been working in ASP.NET DevExpress controls. One of my customer uses them for a web site that is connected with Dynamics CRM, and I’ve had to integrate new functionality reusing their previous controls and that third-party library. Although It’s a little expensive, I should admit that DevExpress provide quality and quick development.

In this project, using DevExpress v8.2, I found a bug using ASPxPageControl v8.2 and ASPxGridView v8.2. When a master-detail GriedView is placed inside of a PageControl, the detail GridView events (gridview in second level) don’t work properly. It shows data information, but its javascript/callback seems to be broken because of neither Next, Previous,…, Paging events work, nor sort by column. See below an example:


The good news is that the bug has been resolved in DevExpress v9.1. You can test this example from my isuee report in DevExpress web site.