Capture contact images with Xrm.Device.captureImage

This article shows how to capture contact images using a Dynamics 365 mobile App based on the new client API in version 9. The same could be extended to capture images in any entity for other business scenarios. The new Dynamics 365 API introduces several new namespaces, one of them is Xrm.Device. This namespace offers … Continue reading Capture contact images with Xrm.Device.captureImage

Resco Mobile Certificate Pinning validation

This article describes a new security feature now available in the Resco Mobile solutionΒ that allows certificates validation. This is an important consideration when you are dealing with mobile devices. During the last months, we have been working with the solution integrated with Dynamics 365Β and it has been a great experience. It is definitely a … Continue reading Resco Mobile Certificate Pinning validation