End of a journey, the beginning of a new one

Seven years ago, I received a gratifying email saying that I had been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable professional. That was definitely a great day. Since then, during the last seven year, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most talented professionals in the Microsoft industry, travel multiple times to Seattle, … Continue reading End of a journey, the beginning of a new one

A chat with @nz365guy

Recently I have a couple of interviews with my MVP colleague @nz365guy, who has started running a series of podcasts and videos with several members of the community to share our experience on different aspects. He is pretty good finding unexpected questions, which makes the conversation more interesting and actually helpful. I leave below the … Continue reading A chat with @nz365guy

Are you ready for the Dynamics 365 / CRM Quiz at Summit EMEA 2018?

The Summit EMEA 2018 conference in Dublin is almost there and we have been preparing some tough, fun and educational questions for those who like a challenge. The Quiz will be focus, mainly from a technical perspective, on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, CRM and other related technologies like Azure. The whole Quiz will be an interactive … Continue reading Are you ready for the Dynamics 365 / CRM Quiz at Summit EMEA 2018?

Microsoft Developer Network

Microsoft Developer Network has just launched. Microsoft wants to enhance the experience to add better support for the growing number of developers that are embracing Microsoft’s platform and technologies for the first time. There were a few goals Microsoft targeted with the Microsoft Developer Network experience: Simple:   The new Microsoft Developer Network site is designed to help developers easily … Continue reading Microsoft Developer Network

I have read “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting”

Reporting is already a fundamental pillar for many companies and senior management. It brings the ability to understand key factors of the business such as the volume of opportunities, revenue and performance. The book Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting is a useful technical guide which delivers a simple and clear overview of the available reporting … Continue reading I have read “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting”

MVP 2012

A great week of celebrations, Spain wins the Eurocup and Microsoft awarded me as MVP :)These years of hard work with Dynamics CRM have given great results. Now I will enjoy this huge opportunity to carry on growing as professional and give the community all the best. I wanted to say THANK YOU to Marco … Continue reading MVP 2012