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Web Service Data in Dynamics CRM 2011 for Silverlight applications as web resource

This post sums up the two endpoints provided by CRM 2011, SOAP and REST, which can be used by our integrated Silverlight applications.

• Both of these Web services rely on the authentication provided by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application

• They cannot be used by code that executes outside the context of the application

• In this release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM the SOAP endpoint provides an alternative way to perform operations that the REST endpoint is not yet capable of



Webcast: Integration of Silverlight applications in Dynamics CRM 2011

Related to my webcast (Spanish), I would like to share the resources (slides and code) I used for the demo. Download the resources and you will find:

  • Slides (PPTX)
  • CRM Solution
  • VS2011 Solution with Dashboard and Form integration demo

Basically, demo shows a dashboard and form integration using the two communication models between Silverlight and CRM:

  • JavaScript bridge:
    • System.Windows.Browser.HtmlPage
    • System.Windows.Browser.ScriptObject
    • Xrm.Page
  • CRM WCF Services:
    • REST endpoint (used in demo)
    • SOAP endpoint

To try the demo, assuming you have a CRM 2011 deployment, you will need to follow the next steps:

1) Import the CRM solution into your organisation

2) Create an additional website for the picture service. As you can see in CRMForm.Web project, there is a web handler (Receiver.ashx) that will be in charge of upload the pictures. Below, you can see that web site next to the CRM one. From VS you can publish the website directly over there.



3) Fix the Picture service url in the CRM resource properties. For the dashboard application:




And for the Cheese entity form:



4) Try it!

If you get errors and you don’t know where they are coming from , probably you will need to debug the Silverlight application integrated in CRM. Only you will need to attach VS debugger to the Internet Explorer process and refresh the page:



I hope you like it and let me know if you have any problem.

Last version of Silverlight.js

This javascript file provides helper functions for your Silverlight web applications. Basically, this file contains functions to embed Silverlight control in web pages and manage the Silverlight installation in the client browser. If you want to be sure that you are using the last version of this file, you can check and download it from MSDN Code Gallery:


You can find all the documentation and reference in MSDN – Silverlight.js Reference