[WPF/WCF] DataGrid + DoubleClick + MVVM + Loading Splash (description & code)

Using the DataGrid WPF Toolkit, this post shows a simple client/server application to fill a DataGrid according to the information that is provided by a WCF service. When any row receives a double click, a new document (jpeg or docx for this example) is opened by an external application. The application is designed using MVVM … Continue reading [WPF/WCF] DataGrid + DoubleClick + MVVM + Loading Splash (description & code)

[WPF] Custom Listbox (description and source code)

WPF allows to create custom controls with flexibility. In this case, I’ll show you a custom Listbox with the follow interesting features: Resizeable (listbox and its items) Custom items with text and picture Mouse over effect with custom color Selected item with custom background color Items Source from Binding. In my example, I’ve used a … Continue reading [WPF] Custom Listbox (description and source code)