Custom API Enabled for Workflow

Now we can use Microsoft Dataverse Custom API within real-time workflows ("the classic ones"). This is a nice surprise that I've noticed this week while developing a custom API. New "Enabled for Workflow" option in Custom API Notice the new option "Enabled for Workflow" in the Custom API form. To use this new feature, you … Continue reading Custom API Enabled for Workflow

Get choices names in flows

In my previous post, I described how you could retrieve the labels of a choices column (multi-select optionset attribute) using a classic Dynamics Workflow. In this new article, I describe how to do the same using a Power Automate flow. Using a classic Dynamic workflow is still a valid solution. However, if you are creating … Continue reading Get choices names in flows

Getting multi-select option set values in workflows

In this article we will see how to get the values of a multi-select option set attribute within a workflow using the community utility Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools GetMultiSelectOptionSet: Sample workflow retrieving multi-select option set values Before getting into the details, notice I have written another couple of articles to copy multi-select options attributes and update multi-select options attributes in … Continue reading Getting multi-select option set values in workflows

Copying multi-select option sets in workflows

One of the new features in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement / CDS is the multi-select option set attributes. This is a new type of attribute like Single Line of Text, Image, Whole Number, etc Dynamics Attributes Types Unfortunately multi-select option sets got some limitations: Cannot be used in the form headerCannot be used in the Business … Continue reading Copying multi-select option sets in workflows