Dynamics 365, Teams and Documents

The document capability has always been an important one in Dynamics 365 as well as for any CRM or ERP system. Over the years, this area has changed significantly and it has evolved positively. Today we can finally enjoy a rich and seamless user experience between Dynamics 365, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.

In the picture below, you can see the latest document management experience where a contact record in Dynamics 365 has been connected to a team channel in Microsoft Teams. Colleagues from different departments in a company can easily collaborate on Microsoft Teams and focus on particular records by having an independent channel per customer, which creates a clean simple boundary. This could be easily extended and you could have a whole team per customer, which would give you even more control and flexibility in the required security and processes. This is probably one of my favourite patterns.

A Dynamics 365 contact record integrated in a Microsoft Team channel

I can then upload documents to the Teams channels or to the Dynamics contact records and they will be stored automatically in a common OneDrive / SharePoint folder.

Just there ready for real-time online collaboration associated with the corresponding business record.

In order to enable this experience in Dynamics 365 you will need to:

  1. Enable SharePoint integration
  2. Enable OneDrive for Business integration
  3. Enable Microsoft Teams integration

You can find more information in the following link, which may help you with some additional future questions (e.g. What is the SharePoint location of the Microsoft Teams files tab versus the associated Dynamics 365 record’s documents tab?):


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