I have read “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting”

Reporting is already a fundamental pillar for many companies and senior management. It brings the ability to understand key factors of the business such as the volume of opportunities, revenue and performance. The book Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting is a useful technical guide which delivers a simple and clear overview of the available reporting … Continue reading I have read “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting”

[CRM 2011] Insufficient permissions

Trying to create a Case (incident) and I was getting the familiar message "Insufficient permissions... contact your administrator": My security role seemed to be fine, I got enough permissions to create, update, read,... the case entity. But, the initial error message didn't help me at all to understand what I was missing. Then, I just released the … Continue reading [CRM 2011] Insufficient permissions