Custom API Enabled for Workflow

Now we can use Microsoft Dataverse Custom API within real-time workflows (“the classic ones“). This is a nice surprise that I’ve noticed this week while developing a custom API.

New “Enabled for Workflow” option in Custom API

Notice the new option “Enabled for Workflow” in the Custom API form. To use this new feature, you need to set this column to Yes. Looking at the metadata, this column in the customapi table is called “workflowsdkstepenabled“.

Although this feature is not yet documented, you can already go and try it in one of your test environments.

But now we can πŸ™‚

To call the Custom API from your workflow, you just need to use the step “Perform Action” where you will find a list of all the suitable actions that can be used within your workflow.

Perform Action in workflow

After you insert you Action step, go to the second list “Command Actions” and you should see your custom action in the list:

Finding Custom API in workflow step under Command Actions group

Current Limitations

I have been able to execute a Custom API without any input or output parameters. Unfortunatelly, I haven’t been able to configure neither the Custom API Request parameters in the workflow step:

Nor the Custom API Response properties:

Another current limitation to notice is that you cannot use “Functions”, only “Actions”, when “Enabled for Workflow” is selected:

If you want to know more about Functions Vs Actions, this article from @david_rivard will give you a very good introduction.

Environment Version Details

At the time of running these tests, my environment version was 9.2.21041.153 with 2021 release wave 1 enabled.

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