Back to work!

During the last six weeks I have had the privilege of enjoying my paternity leave closely with my new-born and my partner. This has been a special time to create a unique bond between us and set the foundation of our new family 👨‍👩‍👦.

This precious time has allowed me to get to know the new little person and team up with my partner to get used to our new life rhythm. A beautiful single experience 🎉.

I feel very grateful and lucky of being part of a team and an organisation who has supported me during this time. Thanks Heather Hall and Amir Jafri for embracing and living these important family values, Microsoft must be proud of having you 👏.

P.S: and what a better week to return to work than the one when Microsoft Build is happening and exciting announcements about the Power Platform are coming… 🥳

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