[email-II] Creating contacts

In my previous post, I explained how we could receive and manage emails within Dynamics 365 using a shared mailbox linked to a queue. When emails are received from unknown senders, by default, a new contact gets created. Unknow means that there is not a record in the system with the same email address.

Contact is probably the most important entity/table in Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dataverse. It can represent a prospect, a customer, an individual that has some relationship with your business, etc. A good practice is to keep your contacts data as clean as possible, which involves having just the records you need.

An email in Dynamics 365 where the sender is a new contact created by the system

Therefore, we may don’t want this behaviour, the system creating contacts for unknown senders, and we can disable it, which can be done using a few options:

  • Personal Options => Email => Automatically create records => Untick the Create option. Notice this will only change this behaviour for the current user.
  • or if you want to disable it for all our users and you don’t want them to have the previous personal setting available, you can use the organisation setting AutoCreateContactOnPromote:

We can easily change this organisation setting to false using one of these community tools:

Once this is changed to false, no contact will be created for unknown senders and they will look like “unresolved“:

Please notice this was the system information at the time I was writting this post:

  • Environment with Customer Service and Sales Enterprise Dynamics 365 apps enabled
  • 2020 release wave 2 enabled
  • Server version: 9.1.0000.25547
  • Client version: 1.4.1809-2011.1

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